Welcome to Lyfe Behind Bars

Greetings and welcome to my site! My name is Lyfe, 55 and adventure motorcycling for me is, and has always been; therapy. 

As a child growing up in Africa, in the pre-adventure motorcycle days, I would see motorcycles of all kinds making the overland trip through Africa.  32 years ago, I bought my first dual-sport bike, since then I have had the fortune to intentionally and accidentally  travel to parts of the world; all this while being married, having kids, several careers, moving countries and the usual difficulties life throws at you. By the time I had finished high school, I had already been through 14 schools in different countries or cities. As an adult, I have moved countries 10 times so I consider myself a motonomad.

I was a motorcycle mechanic and instructor and, I’ve owned about 30 bikes in the last 32 years, of which, most have been dual-sport, adventure bikes, street legal enduros and only 3 street bikes; so my preference is very clear.

So subscribe to my site and I promise there is a lot of interesting and useful content coming your way!

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